Posted on Monday, 20 February

$80 and 2 days later.  Nikon married Canon.

Posted on Thursday, 22 December

[AlienBee] 04 on Flickr.

Hello AlienBee goodbye SB-900!

Farewell Tumblr. Hello Blogspot.

Posted on Sunday, 24 April

I have decided to move to back to blogger because I wanted to blog more than just pictures.  I also feel that blogger has a better picture protection than tumblr.  

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Posted on Friday, 8 April

La Fleur 29 on Flickr.

First picture since I got my photography gear back.

The first thing I did when I woke up yesterday was taking this picture. Bokeh truely is amazing.

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Via Flickr:
Despite a gloomy day
There are always bright days
That shine down on us.

Posted on Thursday, 7 April

Reuniting with Nikon [01] on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
After being cameraless since March 14th. I once again reunite with Nikon again. My Canon urges are slowly going away.

Goodbye Nikkor 28-70mm F2.8 Hello, Nikkor 85 F1.4.

Posted on Monday, 28 March

Posted on Monday, 28 March

When you left your camera at home and all you have is your phone.  Your best friend will be composition for the lack of IQ.  Thus, turning your average camera phone pictures into art.  This is my adventure.  This is  my definition of art.       

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It has been over two weeks since my Nikon is in NJ.  

Posted on Monday, 14 March

I cannot believe it.  What an exciting day!  Another milestone on Flickr.  I have reach 925 views in just one day.  My last record was 700+ in one day.  

Unfortunately, I am currently cameraless.  I have just shipped my whole photography equipment to New York.  I do not know when I will get my new photography equipment.  Hopefully soon!

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their views and support!

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Posted on Monday, 14 March

Posted on Monday, 14 March

Today was my first time shooting cosplay.  What an interesting experience.  Unfortunately, I was unable to strobe today because of a tragic event happened.  My Strobing equipment got blew down into a rocky stream.  My SB-900 is okay; however, my umbrella is TOTALED :(  But, that is alright since it can be easily replaced.  What I am upset and ultimately sad over is that my Manfrotto tripod got scratches and possible dings.  It is barely one month old.  :(